Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Broken egg

well, I was just out checking on the chickens and found a hen laying on a broken egg :-( not sure what happened there; if it got broken coming out or got sat on and crushed, or ?? hopefully one hasn't found that they like to eat the eggs, I hear this can happen...?

it's all new to me being a "city girl" and all. We have had the chickens for about a little over a week now and they are laying nicely. we got them from and acquaintance of MIL already old enough to be laying...didn't have to raise them.

ok, so cats (2), chickens (5) and cows (2). ("hm hm hm hm had a farm") wait- that's it! no - no pigs grandpa j and papa! there's a horse boarding. and a nice garden. and room for the kids to run. think we use the acreage enough for now! it has been "fun" and I am learning.

out to give the chickens some "scratch" now...forgot it earlier on my visit to.

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