Monday, March 31, 2008

Yes! Locked up the rooster!

OK, life on the outside world is now back to normal. We are no longer running from the rooster... I have been going to name him "Stew" but he may be safe now.

He started running after us, in a scary way, like after the kids and myself. I know he was just thinking we had extra food for him, but a two foot tall running bird with red eyes, sharp beak and long "claws" is a little scary!

Oh, some background? We have been having the chickens "free ranging" since last summer.

It has been really fun to see them out and about, but the rooster got a little aggressive as of late; even running after D a couple times. Not to mention all the "piles" they leave everywhere. Unfortunately now I have to walk the food scraps out to their "chicken tractor" instead of just throwing it out the backdoor for their hourly rounds. Oh well, can I consider that my exercise for the day??

So I'm excited that the kids can go outside now (without me!!) and I won't think about where the rooster is, now I can vacume out the van without trying to dodge the rooster, now we can walk out the front door without looking around first to see the location of the dreaded bird!

Life is good!

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