Thursday, June 19, 2008

Gardening again

I finally went out and took some more garden pictures during nap time this afternoon. Here are the highlights... and I guess even some low lights. ;-) Oh well, it is all a process!

First off, have you ever seen the length of a cat's tongue? I was trying to get a cute picture of "Freeway" and instead I got this strange picture of his nose licking. Should I have really expected a cat to sit still for a photo shoot?

Secondly, I am excited to see that the Rhodies that we moved from right next to the house end of last summer have survived the winter in their new homes! I am sure they love the more acidic soil from the evergreen trees. The first is blooming a hot pink flower and if I remember correctly, the second will be a nice purple. They are flat on one side from growing against the house for so long, but they look OK against the new woodshed D built last summer.

This one is a really nice color. It brightens up this dark space behind the shed that you see as you drive into the driveway.
Thirdly, the dahlias are finally breaking out of the soil! They haven't all rotted anyway from this rain!

I have moved 5 of the containers to the old brick BBQ wall hoping it would warm them up enough to sprout. It seems to be working because 2 of the 5 now have sprouted there. I think that would be a great spot for tomatoes, it is southern exposure and the cement patio and bricks would really keep the warmth for the tomatoes to really flourish. Well, maybe I will buy some and try it out.

Lemon Balm
This next one is Helenium
(This is a picture of what the Helenium flowers will look like this summer from off of a website. It flowered just like this last year and I love the variation of yellows and oranges.)

Speaking of ORANGE:

I have these awesome lilies that the neighbor gave me two years ago that are awesome producers. The only issue I have with them is that they are so ORANGE!! I have to get some nice colors to go with it, probably some purple I guess. That is what the Gladiolus are in front of them, but that came out to be a bad planting because the glads are taller, and don't flower in time to counteract all that strong orange.
Here are just a couple more pictures from around the yard. (I think you can click on any of the pictures if you want to see them bigger. Especially the cat one. That tongue is something else.)

Welcome Bed, Front Door Area, Teddy Bear Sunflowers and Violets

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