Monday, June 16, 2008

I am... What are you?

I am: needing a nap.
I think: too much.
I know: I love my kids.
I want: to have a decision.
I have: enough.
I wish: everyone knew Jesus.
I hate: thinking too much.
I miss: my Grandpa and knowing what my friends from high school and college are like now.
I fear: loosing my husband.
I feel: unsure about many things.
I hear: a veggie tales movie and quiet playtime.
I smell: sunscreen (yes, in Washington!)
I crave: Mondo Burritos.
I search: for God's leading.
I wonder: what my kids will be like as adults.
I regret: not spending more time with my kids and not having more patience.
I love: the outdoors.
I ache: for those that don't know God and are searching so hard in all the wrong places.
I care: about first time moms and their adjustment (GO MOPS!)
I always: spend too much time on the computer.
I am not: the perfect housewife or mom!!
I believe: in The Creator God and His Son He sent to save us.
I sing: these silly veggie tales songs all day (and Dan Zanes from Disney channel)
I dance: not enough.
I cry: too often lately - but I blame it on the pregnancy hormones.
I don't always: care when I should.
I fight: things that require change in routines.
I write: but not usually about what I had planned on.
I never: say never.
I listen: really well (but don't always know how to help.)
I need: God everyday.
I am happy: and content.

As they say "Tag, you're it!"

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