Friday, June 27, 2008


Seems kind of trivial after the last post, but it is on my mind, so here we go! OK, so since we are staying here there are some home improvement projects that will need to have some addressing.

Now there are lots that involve some form of repair (building, smoothing, plumbing, flooring, etc.), but this is going to be about the kitchen curtains. A "want", not a "need" but nevertheless, something that is going to change.

As it is right now, I have a little "tuscan" or "French country" theme going on. Not that I tried to do this - it was just from color choices and now people always say that it looks like either of those two things in this room/rooms (hey, that's great, I've never had a "theme" before!)

I think it is the combination of the picture over the fireplace (we already had from a different home), the warm red fabric I made the valances from (had the fabric from a home before the last one), the rock fireplace, the dark wood kitchen cabinets, the warm colored wood table and chairs, the plants, etc.. I took the wall paint colors mostly from the fabric and ended up with the yellow and green.

I did all of this with the mind that I was going to paint the kitchen counter tops and eventually replace them (while trying to talk D into a "slight" kitchen remodel in the process.)

You see, the color of the kitchen counter tops

is a funny, 70's/80's,
crazy, turquoise-ish,

doesn't match anything,


Totally throws the "theme" out the window.

Enter my thought for new curtains. I'm thinking something with... blue. We have re-thought our priorities and re-doing the kitchen is LOW on the list compared to other projects (like making the extra garage space - that was never a garage in the first place - into a family room/mudroom/office space.) So that means no new counter tops at this time. I have to work with the blue. Not so bad if I change my theme, which wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't planned around changing this very thing that now I cannot change!!!

I like blue. Blue is actually my favorite color - just not on a counter top!! I have never envisioned that before. But here it is. Work with it.

So I am planning on changing my "theme" to some kind of country kitchen blue/yellow/white which means getting rid of the green wall and probably making the whole dining room/kitchen yellow.

Basically, what I would need to change is the wall color from the green and the fabric for the windows. Possibly the picture over the fireplace, but cha-ching, I don't really want to do that. (Unless, maybe I move that picture to above our bed and change that room to "Tuscan" since it has never had a theme... hmmm....) ;-)

Anyway, here are a couple fabric options for the kitchen from JoAnns. I like the style of the current valances, but could change that as well... although these were really easy to sew! I'm worried about these fabrics being a bit too feminine, but not sure.

As you can see from these bottom fabrics, I was thinking I could have some red with it also so a rooster decoration wouldn't be too out of place, but I'm not sure I like the thought of the yellow curtains against the yellow wall. I am more in favor of the blue and white ones. Maybe I will need to paint one wall white to get that color in there somewhere. D is totally opposed to painting the cabinets white (makes me sad) but I can deal with that - less work, right? Maybe one wall could be white with some bead board? I guess that wouldn't really work with the rest of the room, though.

Have to think on all this some more. But not too long, I want to do something now that I have the energy and not get too close to baby time!


Our growing family said...

ohhh...that is tricky w/the blue counters...I like the top left and the blue stripe I like a lot's not too feminine either. You might have to hold a sample up near the counter to get a better idea.
Maybe since the hubby doesn't want to paint the cupboards you could go w/a fabric that also has a hint of brown. I do love chocolate w/ other colors...just a suggestion.
Hope you find what you love! =)

Michele said...

This looks like it'll be a fun challenge! :) It took me 3 years to decide what color to decorate my dining room at our previous house.

I like the fabric that has red, blue, and yellow in it.

Michele :)