Friday, June 6, 2008

Minor Coup!

We did it. By the grace of God we were able to land swimming lessons for the three kids all at the same lesson time! Woo Hoo!

It was our first attempt at signing up and I had heard last fall that people line up far in advance to get their desired times. D was able to come home and watch the kids and I was there about 30 minutes before sign ups started. I was about the 10th one in line (5th in the AM time slots) and was able to sign H and B up in the same beginning preschool class and D in the "Aquatots" baby and parent class held at the same time. There were over 50 people in line when I left 15 minutes after sign ups started. Glad I was able to get there when I did.

The preschool class should be good for both older kids. Since they have only been in the pool a handful of times, they aren't really used to getting their faces wet yet and don't really understand why you would want to. (I mean we don't stick our heads underwater in the bath tub, right?) There are only four in the class, so H and B are 1/2 the class. Hopefully they will have fun together and H will listen to the teacher and won't try to be the mom to B while in there!

Now we have to wait two more weeks for the lessons to start. They had early sign ups but don't start until after "big kid school" gets out for the summer. We will update about swimming after the 23rd.

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