Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Well, because of the house cleaning, and because of registering the H-girl for Kindergarten yesterday, here is the current "extra" project for the week.

Five pairs of pants - 3 blue jean and 2 stretch pants that have all been sitting around for about 4 months waiting for hemming - all H-girls. (Guess I won't need to buy her any pants for school!!) I got one pair finished last night while watching Olympic swimming and gymnastics - it didn't go so fast. More watching TV than hemming! I've pinned one more pair today, so far, and hope to finish them tonight (although I have to remember to give Big D his haircut tonight, too.) I'm going to hem the blue jeans first, then have "Hey" try on the stretch ones again; I had pinned them about a month ago thinking I was going to actually get to it then! I'm sure she has grown a foot since then.

Here is the stretch stitch my mom showed me to use on the knit stretch pants - it has worked great before!! Just enough stretch with just enough hold. If you click on the picture and make it bigger you can see the numbers of where to start. Down on 1, up at 2, down at 3, up at 4, down at 5 up at 6 down at 7, up at 8, moving to the right. You get the idea.

Only short posts this week 'till I get more done - without stressing and with napping and with eating!!!

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Annie said...

Hi JJJ! any baby news yet? I notice you haven't been posting on your blog....hope you are feeling well!