Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Wow, I am so excited.

That top little ticker calendar thingy says I have 43 days to go 'till baby comes!! That doesn't sound too bad... especially thinking that I usually come "early" and thinking that I still have things that need to get done before baby comes!! -yikes- (I wonder... Did I really give all those newborn baby clothes away?? And, I guess we better set up that bassinet!!)
Also, MOPS starts tomorrow. Woo Hoo! It adds more to do in the week, but I so look forward to the conversation with all the ladies there. Hopefully some old, some new. I pray this will be a fruitful year for Oak Harbor MOPS and that all the moms that come will be blessed for their time there. I also pray that those that need to hear about Jesus will be awakened to a new life and that those that feel a prompting will share testimonies with grace and keep God glorified. Click on that MOPS logo to go to the Oak Harbor MOPS website.

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