Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Summer 2008 Garden Update

It has been a bit since a garden update, so here you go. It is a little sad.

Pumpkin, one of two.

Volunteer sunflower - check out the size of that head!

Sad, wimpy, tiny, broccoli.

Finally, bean flowers!!

"Spring size" zucchini.

Carrots - you can see them, right??

Weeds, ...uh, I mean, green onions. You can see those, too, right??

Lettuce, and can we count those dandelions there as
a planned garden salad product?
You know, that super trendy dandelion green salad??
Oh, sad.
Guess we'll have to mow again.

The lone radish.

And, the Master of the Garden, surveying his domain. Such as it is this year, poor guy!!

But just look at those new beds in front of the garden. They will be great for getting the squash out of the garden for more space next year. ...or how about a cutting flower garden out there??? Hmmm, that is my vote! ;-)

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