Saturday, October 18, 2008

Nothing Happening

Still nothing happening. Baby's shoulder really seems to be grinding on my hip bone today, pretty painfull. I think it wants out, it just doesn't have the map yet! Had about 6 contractions yesterday in a couple hours time, but nothin' doin'.

On Thursday, Doc. said everything about the same as last week, with baby "way down there" "about even now". (Does that mean zero station? I didn't think to ask.)

Hopefully there will be a productive update soon!!


Annie said...

Silly non computer woman that I am.....I obviously saved your blog awhile ago, when the topic was Hemming.....

I have NEVER seen any posts since then, lol...well of course not, cuz I didn't have your blog saved properly!

So now, I will go and do all the reading that I missed!


JJJ @ said...

Too funny! I did this on a couple blogs, too! I kept checking back in thinking... "Hello... are you still doing this blog thing, or what??!" :-)

You had a bit of reading to do, that was back in August!

Robin said...

I saw your post over at Annie's spot....WOW, I think your about to have a baby!

Best Wishes from Oklahoma:-)