Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Still growing...

My stretch marks are stretching.

This is the longest I have carried a baby so far.


How big is it going to be?????? I'm not hungry anymore, but I keep gaining weight every week.
This is not pretty people.
I left that cute stage of pregnancy a few weeks ago.
If this continues, soon, I will be going into hiding.


Our growing family said...

I'll be praying for you...not too much longer!!! I can't wait to see the baby!

Melissa said...

Ahhh, Jenny I'm so sorry! I can't imagine what it's like, even though I'll be there soon enough. I take it there will be no updated "pregnant Jenny" photos! ;)

Annie said...

Hmmmm, 3 days, no posts....have you any news for us JJJ?

Hope you and yours are doing great!