Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"Un-Exciting" Update

Well, nothing yet. I feel like I am getting closer to "baby time", in fact Saturday night, before going to bed, I thought for sure we would be going to the hospital before morning.

Didn't happen.

That's OK. It is still early.

Doc. wasn't too sure I would make it to the next appt. this Thursday, but I am feeling pretty good so far today and yesterday. It doesn't feel "imminent". Bummer. Sleeping is getting hard. (Peeing is even harder! Especially when you have to go a-l-l t-h-e t-i-m-e!!) Guess I better start back up on my activity level again! :-) Well, maybe I'll wait for tomorrow when Grammy gets here! ;-) Then things would go much smoother if it were to happen in the night. Of course I finally did pack the hospital bag, so that should delay things by at least a week, right? :-(

So, that's it. Just thought I would give you a little update on the baby thing. Everyone -except maybe Daddy- can't wait for the baby to get here! And for Mommy to be back to normal!!! (Seems, though, that Big D has a lot of work right now with the quarter end and all. It would be hard to be in two places at once!)


Melissa said...

You had my hopes up! I thought you saying you were "ready" meant "on my way to hospital". Well, I guess the little one will just come when its ready. We are definitely ready to become an aunt and uncle again!

Angel said...

God's timing is PERFECT. I felt otherwise when my first baby was born on my birthday after days of complicated labor, but now I see it was. And my little girl's birth was nothing short of miraculous for everyone who heard the story!

Read March 13, and then 15th LOL

Heather Christine said...

You could always wait until October 16, that is sister Carrie's birthday!

Kelli said...

I read your comment on Amy's blog and I know this isn't the best time to ask this with you probably in labor now but do you sell your extra beef to just friends? Or maybe someone that comments on your blog? :)

JJJ @ fabricgarden.blogspot.com said...

kelli -
We'll sell to whoever is on the list first! We just don't have any this fall - will have to wait 'till next year. :-(