Thursday, November 6, 2008

Going Home!!!

OK, it looks like we are "in the clear". Thanks for your prayers. The docs have not been able to see a major problem with his breathing/oxygen level, so they feel like it was probably just a funny "newborn thing". Also, the heart murmur has "disappeared"! The echo cardiogram showed a normal heart with possibly a small hole but very "normal" for a newborn that will probably grow out of... I have the copy of the echo I will be scanning and sending to you Kristina!! :-)

So... We are all GOING HOME TODAY!!! Woo Hoo! It seems like everything that happened can be attributed to being a newborn and from having a quick delivery, possibly. (Like why there was still fluid in the lungs - it didn't have time to get squeezed out during the labor process - who knew a longer labor would be desirable??!)

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers - they worked!! God is good. Please pray for the other families that haven't been so fortunate. Some have been here for a long time and some will be here for a long time. Hard to start your life/live your life like that in a hospital.

We are so thankful for the doctors and nurses at Whidbey General Hospital - because of them we were able to get down here and really get a handle on the things that were "unknown". They were pretty quick to say "we don't know" and to get more help as thought needed. We are happy they weren't just blowing the case off and really got Baby Michael Mighty Mouse what he needed.


Angel said...

Glad everything worked out well! Let me know if you need anything, I'd be happy to help! A meal, books picked up from the library, anything at all!!!

In Christ's Love,

Melissa said...

Yah!!! Ah, I'm crying now, I'm so happy! We've been very worried about Baby Michael and you two. Wish we could be there to meet him. All our love and prayers are still with you.

Annie said...

Wonderful news, am very happy for you all!


Our growing family said...

Hi! I just am getting back online from being sick and saw that you had your little man!!! Looks like we both have three boys, one girl!!!
Hope you are doing well now that this first problem got worked out! Praise the LORD!!!