Friday, December 12, 2008

A late game of Mouse Trap

So how much extra do you have to pay a babysitter for having to play mouse trap?

Shall I start at the beginning?

Big D and Mighty and I came home from a dessert at a friend's house and our babysitter informed us that our poor excuse for a cat brought in a live mouse while we were gone. I mean seriously, what kind of poor excuse for a cat doesn't kill the mouse and maybe eat it?? Please don't bring your outside games inside cat!!

I guess cat tried to catch it again, but it ran under the entertainment center. He tried to follow, but of course couldn't fit, though he did make it under the table next to it. Babysitter couldn't find a flashlight to look under said center to try to find the beady eyed little guy... geesh, what bad employers/parents are we? Can't even provide the babysitter the location of an emergency kit in case of power outage ...or mice?!!

She "watched" for the mouse the rest of the night, but never saw it again, and it seems our poor excuse for a cat gave up too.

Well, we couldn't go to bed not knowing the location of the mouse. We started the hunt. Did I tell you this was around 9:30 or 10 o'clock at night? We got the flashlight, the broom, and a bucket and started checking out the underside of said center.

Lots of toys, no mouse.

OK, check under couch, love seat, big chair and coffee table.


OK, watch a little TV try to figure out where it could be. Was the poor excuse for a cat just playing with a fuzz ball, not really a mouse? Did it fall through the heater vent? Oh, yuck, that's going to smell. Was there even really a mouse at all?

And then...

around 11:30PM...


...little footsteps were heard ...coming out of the playroom! Yikes...

...and then it ran...

behind the...

...entertainment center.

...but not too far.

We were able to coax the mouse out with the end of the broom and get it trapped into the bucket... and set it free. No blood no foul.

I don't think I like this game of mouse trap and I'm sure the babysitter wasn't too excited about it either. Luckily she is also a country girl and is "used to" mice coming inside and wasn't "too" freaked out.
ps - Is anyone interested in a poor excuse for a cat, who has also started to pee on the small bathroom floor??

pps - For another cat incident (and some chocolate pretzels, yum) check out this blog.

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