Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Barbie's Pencil Skirt - from a Sock!

So Dear Daughter (DD) "needs" more Barbie doll clothes. These clothes are SO not cheap at the stores, not to mention the trashiness of most of them. I started looking around to find some online tutorials, but was surprised to see only a few. I'm not talented enough / have enough time to make a tutorial either, but I will post a couple pictures of the "Pencil Skirt" I recently made from hubby's old sock.

I just cut it off, wrapped it around Babrie to find the right size, hand sewed up the back length, leaving the top inch or inch and a half. I tacked down the flaps that were left and then made some quick darts (not the right word?) on the sides to sinch it up to Barbies impossibly tiny waist, then added a snap.

I couldn't think of a quick way to bind the waist, so I just kinda whip-stitched around the top of it. It is holding up so far!

Now, DD wants a sweater to go with it. What have I started?!

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