Monday, March 31, 2008

Used to?

So I have decided, after looking at this blog thing anew, that possibly my title is a "used to" love. Do I still love those things? What things do I love? What is most descriptive of me right now? Busy? Harried? Consumed? Occupied? What items in my life represent that? The messy kitchen counter? The rugs that all need vacuming? The crying baby trying to fall asleep for a needed nap? How do you name a blog for those things? I'll take comments.

On another, yet the same, note, I would love this to be about more than that part of my life. Rather, the part of my life that exists when I am not with the kids (oh, wiat, when does that happen?) The part of my life I will still have when the kids are in school or grown and out of school. How do you hang on to your personal interests outside of parenthood? Especially when you puts kids to bed around 7PM and go to bed yourself around 8PM? better, excercise, plan better. I know, quit complaining!

Maybe I will rename it "C.O.P." for "Change of Plans", which is how my life seems to run. Always something new comes up. Hardly anything goes "as planned." This is probably indicative of everyones lives, I am just waking up to the real world I am afraid. Just trying to "deal" with this new life I have had for almost 5 years now, but haven't had a chance to stop, sit down, and catch up with myself since then, let alone my husband! I am talking, of course, about mommyhood.

OK, enought for now. Hopefully better hormones will exist next time!

Maybe I'll keep Fabrics and Gardens as a reminder of things I used to love as inspiration to keep that life glowing?

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