Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Ok, so I have realized part of what could be causing this mood disruption I have been having. I would guess it is partially caused by the coffee I am now drinking... or rather the coffee I am now not drinking. Our house switched to -yikes- decaf about two months ago. I know, living where we live and not drinking full-on coffee must be some sort of crime.

Well, we had reason. Now I find myself not holding onto that cup every minute and taking it to any room in the house (including the bathroom - hello? Do we have a problem here??!) So now I drink one cup in the morning, and have decided it doesn't even taste that great. This is strange since I was drinking whatever D left in the pot in the mornig and making a second full pot for myself later on. D still brings a full thermos to work (decaf), but they have yucky coffee there that the people from upstairs steal anyway.

We both feel that we are thinking more clearly and aren't so "on edge". If you are thinking about dumping the coffee - GO FOR IT! I have found the flavor varieties in decaf tea is wonderful, and so much more calming. It definitely doesn't make my tummy feel so acidic like the coffee did/does. I do like having a warm cup of liquid brew, so the tea has been nice. It seems to lend a whole seperate slant on the day than that old cup of coffee.

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