Tuesday, April 1, 2008


OK, so did you realize how much planning there is actually involved in going to the grocery store? I had no idea what a science this could be. I know it must be an after effect of the new mental clarity I have from being caffine free. But, seriously.

Menu planning based on budget (a whole seperate discussion), what is in the regrigerator/freezer/pantry, realitive healthiness of items, calendar activites, likes/dislikes of those involved, store sales, use what is in the pantry, or stock up, on and on. So many factors. So little brain power.

Not to mention trying to do this planning with three kiddos running around and the actual trip to the store toting said three kiddos while trying to add up items as you go either in head (ha! good luck!) or on the small paper you call a list, weighing best buy per ounce or brand while simultaneously yelling "I told you to hold on to the cart" and grabbing what the baby just pulled from the shelf before it falls and you have to call the clean-up crew again (remember that time with the salsa?) Oh, yes, if internet grocery shopping and delivery was available in my area you can bet whatever fee would be involved would be immediately put into the next months budget!!

On that note, I am off to the store this afternoon with the munchkins. Please pray! ;-)

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