Friday, May 16, 2008

Containers on the move again

Containers on the move again... The neighbors probably drive by and think "What is that crazy woman up to now??" ;-)
Yes! The weather is as nice as they said it was going to be. It was 71 degrees here yesterday! Woo hoo! I had a great day yesterday accom- plishing lots of stuff (cleaning, returns, organizing toys, calendar planning, etc.) But more importantly I was able to rearrange the containers outside. I feel much better about their presentation now except for one little area. And, I was also able to plant some sweet pea seeds that will hopefully come up before we leave.

The sweet peas are at the bottom of the sticks you see (actually two archs now shaped together.)I was able to move everything around to make it look nice (I think, anyway) without re-potting anything. I also decided I needed more height in some areas so I used some of the terracotta pots and saucers that were just hanging out as "lifters" to stack the plants on. I'm not too sure how stable they are, but they are working for now!!

I can't believe how long it took me to make these moves. I just couldn't visualize without actually moving the stuff! It makes for more work, but in the end I am always happier.
I moved the Adirondack chair that D made years ago to the small deck off the master bedroom and I like the arrangement there both from outside and looking outside from the room. It seems nice and peaceful there. If only I would make time to go and sit there!
It could be like a bed and breakfast... a little coffee maker in the room, maybe a toaster. Hmmm... The one area I am not happy with is right in the middle of the outside area at the end of the big deck. It is probably because most of the plants aren't out or filled in yet. The peonies are only in their 2nd year so they probably won't even flower this year. And who knows how long it will take those dahlias to sprout in those black containers? Maybe I could dig some more plants up from the yard to mix in (yikes - that means more pots...) and make for some more green in there. Any thoughts?

Oh yes, and there will be more sweet peas in the long terracotta colored planter on the ground climbing up those stakes as well.

So, as you can see, I am in the "gardens" part of this "flowers and gardens" blog. Maybe some day I will be posting about fabric again. Maybe this fall. Or maybe not since that is when the baby is due!!

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