Monday, May 19, 2008

Hummers and the Neglected Plastic

I "had" to buy a new hummingbird feeder yesterday. I had two perfectly good feeders, one glass and one plastic. These are apparently "special" birdies and only seem to like the glass one. They almost always ignore the plastic one. I tested it in different locations and switched it with the glass one they really like, but to no avail. The plastic was still neglected.

I'm sure that with all the debate right now about certain types of plastics and human health (not good for baby bottles, or in microwaves or dishwashers...) I am sure these tiny little hummingbird bodies can sense the plastic chemicals in their juice pretty easily. It makes me want to look into this plastics debate more closely. Well, maybe after I take my babies plastic bottle out of the dishwasher and nuke some milk in it in the microwave. (Yeah, it makes life pretty easy this way.)

So we bought another $8 glass hummingbird feeder yesterday, made juice and hung it out. Low and behold 3-5 hummers at each feeder with in minutes. They had all been fighting over the one glass feeder before, now they have two to scuffle over. I guess they like the juice!

I wonder how long they stick around here? I have never really paid attention before. Am I going to have to fill these feeders (1 cup at a time is all they will fit) all summer? That will be a lot of sugar.

Speaking of a lot of sugar, I made D a cherry pie last night with sour pie cherries from the freezer marked 07/02. Yes, 02. They still tasted great. (Of course they were frozen in a plastic container... wonder how much chemical yuck leached out into the cherries?)

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