Tuesday, May 20, 2008

When life gives you lemons, use lemon balm.

So the ugly container area I had of leftover pots and ungrown plants is now filling in. Life gave me "lemons" (problem pots) and also Lemon Balm!

So we found some more new plants to add to the container mish-mash this weekend. It is the lovely Lemon Balm. I have always loved herb plants and would love to make an herb garden at some point - whenever we get settled somewhere! But they are so beautiful on their own, as well as mixed in with perennial and annual flowers.

This Lemon Balm plant was on this property when we came and it has a lovely fragrance. Lemon of course, but also mint. (It is a member of the mint family.) I would love to try it as a tea, with honey as the article mentioned, but I read that pregnant and nursing women shouldn't have it. Bummer. It sounds so nice chopped and mixed into a lovely fresh fruit salad. I'll try to remember it for next summer.

It really needed to be divided. It looks like it was starting to die out in the center so I guess it was a good thing to move it. We divided it mainly because we didn't have a big enough pot for the entire plant, but I'm sure it will benefit from the division. I will add a picture soon. Raining again today after a lovely weekend which was entirely too hot for my northwest girl status (80 deg. F.)!

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