Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Newest (borrowed) Garden Idea

So I have been perusing a couple different garden blogs and found a lady (toni) who was implementing a "Birthmonth Garden." What a great idea. It was going to have the birthmonth flowers in it from their parents, their children and themselves.

Looking into this a bit more, I discovered "Memory Gardens" and the special meaning they can have for people as well, including remembering a passed loved one or a meaningful day such as an anniversary or event. Something else that comes to mind is a "Memorial Day" type garden that is red/white/blue commemerating our troops. Another idea here was to use plants with special names (instead of the flowers of the month) like a rose named 'Sweet Freedom' or Hosta 'Remember Me'. There is a list of these types of plants as well.

Or, what about using the birthstone color as a starting point for a garden?

If you're curious or can't remember them all, here is a list of the plants considered the birthplant of each month:

January - Carnation/Snowdrop
February - Violet/Primrose
March - Daffodil/Jonquil
April - Daisy/Sweet Pea
May - Lily of the Valley/Hawthorn
June - Rose/Honeysuckle
July - Larkspur/Water Lily
August - Gladiolas/Poppy
September - Aster/Morning Glory
October - Calendula/Cosmos
November - Chrysanthemum
December - Narcissus/Holly

They have meanings as well and can be found here.

So our immediate family garden would include:

Daisy/Sweet Pea,
and eventually Calendula/Cosmos.

Hmmm, an interesting combination. I guess I will have to work on this. Good thing I have time. I'm off to refill the hummers food again.

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