Friday, June 13, 2008

Blue Sky

Wow, the blue sky has finally been spotted again.

I had to change the look here; before it was too dark with all that rain around outside!

Hopefully with the three or so expected days of "warmer" weather and no wet stuff, maybe the dhalias will dry out???? It would be great if they could eventually flower this year so I will know where to put them in the ground at the next place. (Wouldn't want to put red next to purple, right Dad? - Well, maybe that was just a Barbie outfit I had that he didn't like.) Purple and red actually sound like a fun and vibrant garden choice... maybe I should keep that in mind!


Our growing family said...
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Our growing family said...

I left a comment under your comment on my blog, but just in case you don't check I thought I would comment here too:
I'm so glad you are giving the grocery game a try! You will love it-it is addicting! =)
I just deleted the last comment because I wasn't sure if you had comment moderation or not, so I left my email, but I don't want the whole world to know it...that's why I deleted it.
If you leave a comment on my blog w/ your email addy I won't publish it and I can email you my addy...I hope that makes sence! =)

JJJ said...

Thanks, I got it anyway through my email alert from your first comment (before you deleted it.) I will put you on the GG "recommended by" list when I sign up after this trial, maybe it will benefit you in the future.
Thanks again!

(I'll probably go back to moderating before it posts soon, but wanted to try it this way for awhile. Gee, I get so many comments ;-) ha!)