Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Plant Plans

So I think I have to dig up my dahlias and see if they are rotting. I have seen no hint of shoots yet, even moving the soil around just a little with my finger. I think they have just gotten so wet with all this rain and no sun to dry them out. I might have to put them under a little umbrella for awhile 'till this crazy late spring rain stops.

Also, the sweet peas aren't really going gangbusters for me yet. Must also be the warmth factor. I think they like it cooler, but a little something from the sunshine would be nice. Also, only about 1/2 of them germinated. I wonder if I soaked them too long, not long enough, etc.? We will see what colors come up - see if I am missing one type.

I am so sad that we haven't been able to get off our behinds and start that garden. We could have had spinach and lettuce by now if last year was any indication. I am heading out today to purchase a couple "salad bowl" planters for some lettuce on the deck. (I don't like the pink plants in that pot, but the bowl is what I'm thinking for the lettuce.)

Or, check out this funny salad/herb planter at this website. Not a real attractive design to me, but looks functional and you don't have to go hunting around all your pots to remember where you put the Oregano. (So we usually have this all in the garden, but of course we didn't plant the garden this year due to the impending move. - I should really post about that sometime. - A LONG story. - It may take a couple posts to cover. Probably a boring story unless you are living it. I'll see if I can get my thoughts together about it enough to write intelligently on it.)

Do you have a salad bowl planter? Send me your picture of it! What do you do with your herbs? I'm really liking them just planted around with the other flowers. Where are yours?

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