Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Here comes the sun

Wow! The sun is out! And has been out for a couple days now... wait, I think it is the sun. You can never be too sure here, especially in June, you know?!

We started swimming on Monday. The kids are loving it so far, though I'm not real sure if they are "learning" anything yet. I guess that is what I get for signing them up for the Preschool Level 1 class... basically "Swimming 99" or "Pre-Level 1." Actually, it is a good thing. B is hesitant and it is a good thing that sister is there. Also H doesn't like to get her face wet at all and is a little unsure of the actual letting go part. So all in all, it is a good acclimating class for them. I am a little frustrated that I chose to do a Aquatot class with D at the same time so I am not available to listen in on the older two's class so I can talk with them about it better later. As it is now I have to ask leading questions and see what I get for answers. I did talk to the instructor and she said this was a good pick of classes for both of them, so I'm happy --ish. ;-)

So the big D man got a haircut yesterday! He wouldn't let the clippers anywhere near his head, but he was totally OK with the scissors! (Totally opposite of his older brother who seems to have a mortal fear of scissors, but doesn't mind the clippers one iota.) For 16 months old he sat really well (in front of a veggie tales of course) so I am hoping this will continue in future months. Sorry, no before shot, but lets just say it was far below his eyebrows and well below the ears in the back.

On a fun note, I was also able to go get a haircut today!! Woo Hoo!! It is a little shorter, and I haven't styled it myself yet, but so far I think it will be good. It will be better a little shorter, maybe I won't put it up all the time and actually style my hair most days!!

Amazing, though, how much effort it actually takes me to go and get a half an hour hair cut! No one tells you this before you have kids! (This is all especially hard if you don't live in the same town as the grandparents - free babysitting!) My loving husband took time off work, in the middle of the day, to watch the kids. The regular babysitter was headed to Mexico for a missions trip, so she was far from available! (Hubby also felt a little guilty since I had also cut his hair last night. He always feels better not being so scruffy, so I guess he thought I might feel better as well... Good thought, Dear! And, oh is he handsome!)

So, why when taking pictures do the kids always come running up to be right in front of the camera?!!

More summer fun updates to come!

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Our growing family said...

what a great haircut! hope you enjoy yours too!