Monday, June 30, 2008

Locks of Love "the event"

So my H girl has really (really) long hair. She has had her bangs trimmed a few different times, and one haircut of 6" taken off, but even still she has long hair.

Or, maybe I should say, had.

OK, first of all, don't freak out.. . Hair grows back,
and H was totally on board with this idea.
(D thought it might have been my idea since I had complained so much about having to comb out that hair everyday - except it didn't happen everyday because it was such a chore, and then of course the next day, or two days later, what a nightmare! And plus, it was a little my idea, I mean, how many 5 year olds just "know" about locks of love?)

So I made the hair appointment for Saturday (tangent- I know I could have done it myself, but this was an "event" for H, something much more special than if mom had done it- OK, sorry, back to the story) thinking that D could watch the boys and H and I would have a little girl time. Turns out D wanted to plant the garden so I said I would take the three to the salon and then to the park. It went surprisingly well! H was very excited to go and the boys were just excited to go to the park, even if they had to make a stop before going there.

H was a trooper! So brave. She was even able to tell the stylist what she wanted to do with her hair: donate to locks of love to someone who needed it - because she "didn't need it anymore."

The stylist brushed it out and put a rubber band in just below where to cut. Then she braided the length. When she got the scissors out and started cutting, H wasn't quite sure what to think. The stylist really had to cut and cut and cut her way through that braid - it was very thick. Then H got to see her braid and happily said "Hey, that's my old hair!" H went to the sink with the stylist, but couldn't really sit still there (a new experience leaning that far back against that hard, cold sink, water spraying in your face) so it was just wetted down.

Back to the chair for the final cut. H had a hard time keeping her head up or down as directed because she just wanted to look at the mirror in front of her. The stylist finally got smart and twirled her around so she wasn't facing any mirrors anymore!

Final product: cute bobbed haircut with about 16" donated to the Locks of Love organization.

Oh, and a fun rest of the morning at City Beach Park where I was able to tell another mom about the blessings of MOPS - Go God!


Heather Christine said...

H.looks so grown up! Way to go, although I do love to play with/braid hair, but then again I don't have almost 4 children :)

Dan Haley said...

Hey there! I'm reading. :)

Tell your daughter, who now likes me (haha), that she looks very cute with the new haircut. And we are very proud of her!

Having fun reading the blog ... keep up the good work ... it's now in my subscriptions in Google Reader. :)

JJJ said...

Thanks Dan!

She likes the haircut, but I think she doesn't know what to do with the lack of attention everyone used to give her because of her long hair. So I am glad we did it for multiple reasons.

Enjoy your week.