Monday, June 2, 2008


Wow. We survived last weeks crazy schedule! We enjoyed the BBQ at the V's house on Monday without any rain. It was fun to have the kids together and there was tons of food. (Quite good for the pregnant people!)

On Tuesday David went to the Doc and he is growing right at the same rate he has always. He is 24 lbs 3 oz which puts him at the 45th percentile for weight and is 31" tall at the 50th percentile. (Head size for any that care was 47.1 cm - 50th percentile.) He is working on getting another tooth on the bottom front (so he will have 5) and the Doc said the molars are getting "mushy" which means they will be trying to come through soon also. A little unusual since he hasn't filled in the others yet, but these kids have always had strange order in their teeth popping out. (With Helen still missing one on the front top without a gap for it.) David got three vaccines at the appt. and did very well with that and no afteraffects for him. He will have another "well baby exam" at 18 months. I wonder what city we will be in??

Helen had her preschool graduation on Wednesday. That was cute. It was just a short day for them, just the little ceremony and then a picture video of the year followed by cookies and lemonade. Helen was so sad because she wanted us to leave and her stay at school with her friends for the rest of the normal school day and then us come back and pick her up. It was hard for her to understand the end of school.

Ben had his last preschool day on Thursday with a fun game day. There were different games set up in four different rooms that all the parents and kids were going back and forth to. Then there was a potluck "lunch" at the end. He had a good time, but wasn't really adventerous when it came to the games. He probably participated in only half of them. (Helen was all over those games, participating at least twice I think!)

Helen's final day at school was on Friday where there was an outside game day with sack lunch (hot dogs) provided. There were lots of people there and the kids had a good time. Helen didn't get to see too many of her friends because everything was so spread out, but did hook up with two of them and ran around together for a bit. They mostly wanted to just play on the play equipment like a normal recess. It was fun and the sun was out! Hurray!
I think we actually didn't do anything on Saturday. Just played outside and D did mowing/weedeating, etc. But on Sunday we went to the Family Swim at the local pool for the first time with all three kids. It was fun. All the kids really had a blast. I am signing them up for swim school this Friday. Lord willing we can get the class time I want so I can take David to the "Mommy and Me" type class at the same time. He really enjoyed the kiddie pool after he warmed up to it. It was a really unusual time for us to do anything like that as a family, but it worked out really well. We had an early dinner (yes, even earlier than our normal) at 4:15pm and the swimming at the pool started at 5:30pm. We stayed about an hour and the kids were worn out!!! Thankfully I had brought them some apples for the ride home and they gobbled them up. (Wish I would have brought some for D and I!!)

A busy few days for sure, but fun was had by all.

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