Monday, June 2, 2008

Anne is Finished

I took Anne of Green Gables off the reading list because I have sadly finished the book. It was a nice quick read again. And now I am wanting to read all of the books in this series. I can't wait for Helen to get into reading and to be able to buy the set for her. I wonder what age group that is suggested for?
Looks like Amazon says ages 9-12. Guess we still have a few years yet. Maybe she would like me to read them to her? I wonder if it is available as a book on "tape"? Will have to check the library.

The next book moving up on the reading list is the Omnivores Dilema, I am reading that one now because it will need to be returned to a friend of D's soon. It is interesting reading, though I really don't care for "political" type books. It really isn't so "political" but, more as "big government" or "big entity" or "big establishment". I think that last one is the most appropriate. Right now the author is tracing down where the corn kernel went on its path to being our food, but it gets lost in the mass production of "cheap corn". I like the quote that corn is a "welfare queen" from one of the corn farmers. This is based on the government subsidies given to farmers to produce more to keep the price low. It is a very strange cycle. I'm glad I am not a corn farmer. It will be moving onto the feed lot next and I'm sure I will learn some "important" insights there. I'm glad the meat in our freezer was from here in our back yard already.


Heather Christine said...

I was going to read these too. Would you believe I have not read any of them!!! I think I will join you, want to do a book club? I can ask sister Carrie too.

JJJ said...

How does a book club work? I've never been in one.