Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hello Third Trimester - Goodbye Energy!

Maybe it is just the green nose cold that is running through our house, but from about a week and a half / two weeks ago, I started needing naps again. I had no energy to complete much during the day except take care of kiddos. I'm affraid the lack of energy of the third trimester has taken me over already. I did start the third trimester this last Thursday, but have been feeling this way a little longer than that.

Also, my hormones are all out of whack. I am quick to anger and quick to be harsh. (Don't worry, no one is in danger here, I'm just having a horrible attitude!) I need to pray that I can be in control to contain myself, and more importantly, my mouth. Now I just sit down and "shut it" and usually the B Man asks me "Mommy, are you sad? You need a nap." And that is usually correct, a nap seems to help a ton. Probably nutrition is another variable I should focus more on, as well as drinking more water.

Of course, this is followed by strange bursts of energy. I decide all of a sudden that this chore needs to be done. Is it on any list? No. Has it been thought of in the last two months or more? No. Does it need to be done right now versus, say cleaning the bathrooms that hasn't been done in more than a week, or cleaning the fridge that hasn't been done in more than a month? NO! But what do I choose to do?
Well, clean major dust bunnies from the wiring running behind my nightstand and our bed to the cable hookup in the wall of course! Yes, this needed to get done, for sure. Right now, before bathrooms or fridge? And then there was this little project...

Cleaning off the "beater bar" from the vacume cleaner. Oh, it was BAD. And actually, it was a necessary project. You know when so much stuff gets built up on it and then starts to get under the belt and you know that nasty smell that comes from the rubbery belt (...but I ... must ... finish this... rug...!!) and the kids start asking "Mom, does David have a poopy diaper?" and "Ewww, who tooted??" When really if I keep vacuming and finish just this one rug, the rubber belt will heat up so much that it will break and then not only will I probably have to clean up that bar and send D on an errand coming home from work (hello, can I call an emergency budget committee meeting?) but also have to deal with that incredibly aweful smell in the house for the next few hours. ... So I reluctantly stop the vacume, short of finishing the rug I was on, flip it over and sure enough, really really really a lot of hair on there. And threads, and a few other fuzzy items I'm not sure where they came from or which dress up outfit will be bare of a few fuzzy things.

Of course I couldn't get the thing apart even after taking the two screws out, so I had to find the book. (Hey, look at that, right in the file where it was supposed to be. ... I wonder if I put that back??) Finally I get the thing apart and find that miraculously, even with that smell, the belt was not broken!!! So clean off the bar, get it back together and try it out. Yes! It works (really, really well now!) and NO SMELL! Woo Hoo!

But, it was still another project that I did instead of more pressing things. Guess I should probably go clean that bathroom before our guests get here tomorrow night!! :-)

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