Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Houseguests, yea!! :-)

Well, this week we are having "Aunt Shay and Uncle Z" here with us up from Nevada (Hi Shay when you read this!) :-) Actually they were in Hawaii directly before coming here and since it was raining here yesterday and in the low 60's they aren't feeling the "weather love" right now! Good thing they each brought one pair of long pants and a sweatshirt!

We had a relaxing day yesterday; well as relaxing as a day can be with a super hyper/excited 5 year, 4 year, and 17 month olds can be!! They were so excited to see their aunt and uncle that they were just off the wall crazy. And seeing as Aunt Shay and Uncle Z don't have kids yet, they were a little overwhelmed. Uncle Z told Nana they were having a week of future birth control while they were here. (I'll have to remind him that they don't usually come 3 at a time and they don't even need to have that many, although they really are a blessing, really. A blessing!) They may never visit once we have four! :-(

Today it is beer-making day for the guys. D has had this kit forever and has never gotten around to using it. We will see how it goes. Brewing update later this week, beer update in a couple months...

I have been making Raisin Cinnamon bread in the machine - YUM! It dissapears rather quickly, though! I still haven't tried the wheat bread from Angel yet, but it is next on the list.

Probably less posting this week because of guests. Talk to you again soon! May the rest of your week be blessed!

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