Wednesday, July 2, 2008

How frustrating! (Garden rant)

So I am making a new perennial flower garden bed and I am looking up some additional plants online to fill in the gaps for the plants I already have. I am having no problem finding lots of flowers, but that is all they give me for a picture of the plant! Argh, is not the whole plant what you see in the garden? Is not the shape and form of the whole plant just as important as the shape and color of the flower?? What if the plant had purple leaves and you wanted light green? What if the plant was spiky and you wanted low and rounded?

Granted, I know enough about some plants to make a general guess as to its shape, but some I really don't know yet, and really can't tell anything about the leaf or plant structure from the picture or info.

This is also frustrating for me because all of my garden books (which have all this info) are packed away in the storage unit still. I can't wait to get rid of that storage unit! We don't have that much "extra stuff", but what was considered "extra" (like gardening books in winter) went to the unit when we were going to be moving and selling the house. We haven't brought the "stuff" back yet because we now are going to do a little remodel for a new family room where all this "stuff" will go back to (books, craft items, etc. - and if you don't think I miss that craft stuff...) I'm just ready to pile the boxes in our bedroom and walk around them for several months just to have my "stuff" back! (But I think D already nixxed that idea.)

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