Monday, July 7, 2008

Oh, yikes!

I didn't realize it had been so long since the last post. Lots of happenings here over the last weekend. Well, grilling, dessert/fireworks partying, Nana and G-pa J visiting, hammock sleeping, garden planting, soccer playing, bike riding, horse feeding, sprinkler hopping kind of happenings.

Also, I am realizing I am way (no... way) behind in reading all my books. I have made a mental effort to read my bible first which is really "cutting into" my other books. ;-) But I am being totally blessed by it. I have (if you remember...) started the Old Testament reading in one year schedule. I am behind. That's OK, I just keep going, starting where I am. I figure things will get sidetracked once the baby comes a bit anyway, so I am hoping to at least finish it all by the end of next year. That's OK. God blesses me with whatever I read so I figure it doesn't really matter what gets read on which day.

So far I have been reading in Genesis, Psalms, Isaiah, and Proverbs. This is the first time I have really spent any serious time reading in the Old Test.. Some of it (most in the beginning of Isaiah) is hard for me. Most of it is very interesting and I love the stories in Genesis, learning where "Israel" came from, learning about the "Fathers of the Faith". Crazy how messed up some of the beginnings are - oh such scandal! And yet, how God blessed them in spite of their personal trials. There is hope!

I do think, sometimes, that it would be much better to live, like then, in a time where it was just "...and God spoke to him..." and told him what to do. Wow, how cool would that be? Just have this clear voice from the sky (or wherever?) telling you the absolute thing to do. Of course we have guidance now, but rarely (if ever for me?) do I actually hear a voice. Sure we have that ever quiet voice telling us things, giving us suggestions it seems, but to just have that clear voice saying "do this..." seems so much easier.

Anyway, before I talk myself into (another) circle, I will let you know about the books I am reading and want to read.

I am taking the Omnivore's Dilemma book off the list. I am just not that into it and it is a struggle for me to read all his "big words" when I am already tired at night. I'll let D read it and pass on the interesting stuff.

I am into my church's summer "book club" book called Finding Calm in Life's Chaos. We are into the 4th chapter called "Hey, I Need a Little Direction Here!" with the focus verse being John 8:12 - "I am the light of the world." This is reaching close to home after our recent job struggles - "What do you want us to do, God?" And now, again, that we are staying, revamping our priorities and saying "What do you want us to do, God?" I guess it is just a perpetual question.

I am trying to get through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Revisited, but it is due back to the library tomorrow and I am only 1/2 through! Of course there is another hold on it so I must return it. I guess it will just open up more Bible time until I get it back from the hold list. I am finding it very similar to the Total Money Makeover book so far, so I wish I was further into it to know if it gets much different.

Now, to add to my desired reading list: Dare to Discipline and The Strong Willed Child. Guess what I have been having problems with?? :-)

I am not sure if it is the lack of schedule this summer or just growing older, but it has been a real struggle with H lately. She really wants to "rule the roost" as it were. Going so far as to tell D and I what to do, blatantly ignoring requests, being far from respectful, oh, and my personal favorite "NO, I am going to do THIS" with a great big foot stomp and a whole lot of attitude.

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I know these are all things "normal" to parenting, but our kids have really been fairly well behaved and this thing has come and gone quickly in the past (a day or two and they figure out they aren't getting away with it so why bother) but this has been hanging on for a couple weeks now. Maybe it has to do with cutting her hair. It isn't weighing her down anymore? Letting her hold her head a little higher maybe??

Well, whatever it is, it must stop now!!!

What are your favorite parenting books?

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Michele said...

We like Raising Godly Tomatoes. It's a website, but has recently been published into a book.

Hope things work out well for you soon! :)