Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer 2008 Garden: The Expansion

So the garden is in the process of being expanded. I know, I know, we can't seem to work on just one project at a time, we must have a few going at once. Anyway, here are some pictures of the additions:

D is expanding to the outside of the garden, tilling outside the fence probably for squash and pumpkins next fall (I think). Left side.

Here is the right side and you can see the beginnings of the gate to keep the deer out.

This is one side of the gate, just need to ensure the post is square, then build the second gate and hang. Then we won't be unrolling the fencing roll every time we go in/out of the garden. Those pesky deer. This year, as well as last, the bunnies have been staying out, it isn't a bunny fence, but maybe a deterrent?

Here is the bean pole.

This is B's pumpkin seed from preschool this year. Besides the sunflowers and the one volunteer green bean, it is the best performing plant out there!

So, as if this wasn't enough space for this year, here is the additional "tillage" done by D this summer. It was the "old garden" from our first year here before our newer fenced one. This is much more in the shade so should be better for spinach, etc. The cut up straw was from the bales we had insulating the chicken tractor this winter. Need some strong manure to break that stuff down quickly.

The Helenium flower is blooming! It's other name is Sneeze Weed, but it doesn't smell bad to us and hasn't made us sneeze yet. I love the vibrant colors it has. Hmmm... more orange!


Melissa (aka sister in law) said...

Jenny! Oh my goodness, I finally found time to read your blog! I'm only on two pages, my you have been busy. The kids' pictures are too cute, must say I'm a little upset to not getting these updates via e-mail! ;)

I cannot believe how much you are popping out! You are only 11 weeks ahead of me, and in comparison, you look ready to go to delivery!

Re: kitchen curtains - I have always loved the blue and white toile fabrics. They have my vote!

Michele said...

Wow- All your garden space looks so wonderful!

Oh, yeah- did you ever decide on fabric for your kitchen?

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Michele :)