Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer Projects 2008

I have an awesome hubby!

Let me say it again, just a fabulous guy.

This doesn't have anything to do with the next project I am going to tell you about, I just thought you should know. (Well, maybe a little, but he still would have been an awesome guy without having done this project!!) :-)

Why have I not been complaining about the warm weather even though I am "out-to-here" pregnant?? It is because of this fantastic attic vent fan D installed this past weekend.

It is amazing! It lowers the temp in the house by almost 10 degrees! It has a built in thermostat and it automatically kicks on when the temperature up there reaches 105 degrees and it only stays on for an hour or at the most so far under two. It is so very quiet, you really have to concentrate to hear it and it has made a huge difference inside the house. (Yesterday I even was closing up the windows because the breeze coming in made the house a little "cool"!) You see, the whole house gets sun all day - no shade trees to help, and big south facing windows don't help with the heat either (although it is great in the winter!) So this fan pulls all that extra built up heat from the attic and pushes it out through this fan.

An excellent invention. Kudos to whoever thought this one up.

Also, here it is, the result of the first (three) jam batches:

We did these last night and actually they are from strawberries we had in the freezer from last year. I'm so embarrassed we didn't do this sooner with them. We ran out of pectin last night, so will finish another couple batches with the frozen berries tonight. Will have to get more fresh strawberries to fill in the years supply of jam.

I wonder if there is a U-pick place for Raspberries here on the island? Maybe we will have to go back to our favorite place near Lynden: McPhail Berry Farm (fun for the kids, too!)

I think the blueberries down the street at the Crescent Harbor Blueberry Farm will be ready in a week or so, I can't wait for those!!


angel said...

Dugualla Bay has raspberries, loganberries, tayberries and all sorts of others. We were there today and t hey are selling the berries but not open for U pick yet, probably soon.
Can you email me the info for Crescent Harbor blueberries? I'm on Crescent Harbor Rd and lost their number!


angel said...

Also I've been looking for peaches if you know where to find those!

JJJ said...

The Sunday Farmers Market at Greenbank is listing cherries and peaches right now. I haven't checked them out to see their quality, they say they are organic.
Crescent Harbor Blueberry Farm: 679-4210 I'll post as soon as I see their sign up! :-) yummm...

JJJ said...

I don't know if the Greenbank Market's peaches are stoneless or not.

Anonymous said...

Well here there, I read your comment on my blog and I was like who is JJJ? Oh my cousin! I went to Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Oct. of '99 in Kona HI. did my DTS for 3 months and then did my outreach in Thailand for 2 months. It was an amazing time!!!
I'm sorry we did not get time to talk over Christmas, lack of communication and two sets of parents is tricky!
Your family is beautiful and growing up so fast. Enjoy the rest of the summer!

Our growing family said...

Wonderful!! What a blessing!
Look at all those jars! That is going to come in handy with all those little mouths! Great job!