Monday, July 14, 2008

VBS, other

We started our busy week of vacation bible school (VBS) today. It was a challenge to get it in gear this morning and make it out of the house by 8:30. It was even earlier than we left when the kids were in school last year. But we made it no problem. Lots of kids. Lots. I think Rachel told me there were 109! That is so awesome! I'm not sure how many they were expecting, but it looked like more kids than they thought were coming.

My kids said they enjoyed themselves and would be happy to go back tomorrow. Of course H didn't like that B wanted to be her partner on the hand motion song, and B was upset that H didn't let him be the partner. Also, they didn't like all the snack that was provided, but, hey, they still said they had a great time. I think they just liked seeing all those kids together and the mixture of kids from our church they know along with kids from school and MOPS they know, as well as all the other kids they didn't know yet! They enjoyed listening to the VBS music CD that was given them on the way home today.

Also today we hurried home from VBS to get lunches down so there could be naps before going to the dentist this afternoon. The kids did great for naps. I even got a nap today!! (Oops, I forgot to do the grocery list, but that nap was SO good!) They did good at the dentist, though H wasn't liking the x-ray tabs they wanted to put in. They were able to get one picture - no cavities/decay! That is great since she has sticky PB&J every day for lunch. B was really talkative to the Dentist today, coming up with all sorts of strange things. I guess maybe Grammy and Papa are his "comfort zone" because he talked about them right away. And then our cat. Funny what 3 (4 in two weeks) year olds come up with to say.

Tuesday and Wednesday look fairly uncluttered with stuff to do, just the VBS from 9 - noon. It was very strange for me to just have li'l D home with me this morning. He loved having (almost) free range over the toys and playroom. He was in toddler heaven! He grabbed one of the fire truck books from the library and brought it over to me so we sat and read for a while, too. We also got to stop and see Daddy at work and li'l D though he was pretty special to get to go see Daddy w/o the other kids. He got to play with all the toys at Daddy's office w/o hindrance from the older two. Very special morning.

Thursday and Friday will seem a little busier for me because I will be in the church nursery with li'l D helping care for the VBS workers infants/toddlers. I think there will be maybe 5 kids including li'l D and I think a "helper" of some sort. I will definitely need a nap those days!

It was a triumph for me today that I didn't stop anywhere to spend the rest of my months "blow money" and buy a cookie or treat at those beckoning coffee drive-throughs. (Background: Anytime I feel like I have extra time with "no where to be" I suddenly feel starving for those super sweet sugar cookies with pink frosting, huge scones, or major rice krispy treats you see at the coffee shops.) BUT NOT TODAY! Well, let me clarify, I wanted something for sure, but instead, I went home and made a batch of scones and promptly ate half of them... :-( Oh well, still cheaper than buying one! They weren't great, however, and I have got to find a better recipe.


Our growing family said...

VBS is such fun! We are going to go next week! =)
Hope you get lost of rest in soon!

Dan Haley said...

Mmmmm, cookies ...