Monday, August 18, 2008

End of Summer: less than 3 weeks!!

It has been hot... wait, h-o-t here the last few days. I am excited that this morning it is raining and yesterday and last night we had thunder (I love thunder!) Maybe it only feels h-o-t to a 30 week pregnant person, but I think most true Northwesterners would agree, for a couple days, it was h-o-t!!

I am happy to see the rain. I am ready for fall. Well, at least the weather. I am ready for the kids' school on one level - at least it will get us back on some sort of schedule here... not that we know what that is yet. I can't believe we don't find out if H will be in AM or PM Kindergarten until 3 days before school starts!! That doesn't give me much time to get everyone in the "swing of things." If she is in PM, I will need to see about moving B to the PM preschool class also so I am not running to town four times a day (especially when new baby comes in 2 months!!) I am praying that God has it all worked out and things will fall into place the way He wants.

I am ready for lots of fall things (like not being pregnant, though I am enjoying having just 3 kids right now, but I'm sure the 4th will blend right in - you know kind of "fall into line".) I want to rake the leaves again. That is a fun "cleansing" experience... at least for an hour and then the wind blows more leaves off the big maple tree and it looks like you haven't done anything.

Here are two pictures from the last two weeks. D put up the baby swing (finally out of storage) and li'l D seems to like it, but he doesn't like to stay in it forever like the other two did.

And here is the "grown-up" B-man (standing up on his toes - he really isn't bow-legged like that!) My goodness, he looks "old" in this new birthday outfit, and so handsome! He loves wearing his new "Rookie" stuff! (Thanks Grandmas!) He is really stepping out and becoming more and more a little boy. It will be interesting to see him interacting with the other kids at preschool this year. Last year he was kind of quiet and hung out with the teachers more than anything. I think this year he will be right in the middle of it all.

Enjoy your week!

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