Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sewing Bug

So I am almost done with the hemming of the three pairs of H's blue jeans - actually the hemming part is done, but I have one waist to take in a bit. I do have two pairs of leggings to hem and one to fix a couple seams on still. I know, I know, it has taken me a l-o-n-g time to complete just this little bit of sewing!! It's the Olympics, they are just too exciting to me - especially watching on Canadian television - CBC - they have much better / fairer coverage I think.

But, what is exciting is that I am loving doing it! (Yes, loving the hemming - am I starved for crafty experiences, or what???!!) I think I am getting the sewing bug again! (Yes, I know, just in time for the baby to come and I won't get to do it for a few months!) There are some doll clothes panels that I really want to make for H before the baby comes, I wonder if I can fit that in?? I have to get some things done around here before I can start - like un-bury my sewing table!! So I am off to do a bunch of other things that have to get done so I can then clean up the bedroom so I can then - maybe - do some sewing!! Also, Halloween is coming, I wonder if they can decide on a costume now and not change their minds by then so I can get them sewn/ready before baby comes??

But not tonight.

We are going out to dinner to celebrate our 10 year Anniversary - it is actually on Friday the 22nd, but our babysitter works then :-( and we decided to forgo anything crazy for celebrating this year because of the pregnancy and all. Hopefully in a couple years we can leave the kiddos for a few days and "get away" for a bit.

Don't worry, we will make it happen. We had a friend that just did it and had to ship their four kiddos to four different houses for their time! Hopefully we won't have to do that, but if that is what it takes... ;-)

Enjoy your day!


Our growing family said...

CONGRATS on 10 years!!!!

Melissa said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Wow, 10 years! I hope you enjoyed your night out!

I'm jealous, I can't sew anything! I'll just have to ship off all my toddler clothes needing hemming to you!