Thursday, August 21, 2008

Going Greenish

So in an effort to save the Earth some energy and use more of our land for a purpose, we have installed a clothesline. It just seemed so silly to dry clothes in the clothes dryer when it was 80+ degrees outside!!

These are the pictures from the "first run" and it was pretty saggy. My sweet husband put the posts in with just gravel (not concrete) in case I didn't like the location we picked so they would be easier to move. --Does he know me, or what??-- Anyway, the tension required for the lines to stay somewhat taught was too much for just a gravel base and the posts moved some. He decided to go ahead and cement them in and figured he could always just dig that up if he needed to move it later on. So far I really like the location (I did pick it after all...) ;-) It is on the far side (SE) of the house away from the road (didn't really want to air all the dirty laundry!) where it gets both a breeze and some sun. Today is the first day after the cementing that I will be able to hang more out since it has (currently) stopped raining.

Yes, I know it is more work. But it will get me outside (read: out of this crazy house!!) and it will help teach the kids good stewardship of our resources - paying for/using up energy vs. using God's provided free sunshine/breeze to help us.

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Our growing family said...

love it!!! GREAT JOB and great idea!!