Thursday, August 21, 2008

The New Hat

Big D's work had a very nice company wide picnic for the employees this past weekend. It was h-o-t over in Mount Vernon. It was at a beautiful "flower farm" as we told the kids (RoozenGaarde). Of course no tulips at this time, but still a lovely place for an event.

There was excellent food from the people of Max Dale's in Mount Vernon. There were games set up for kids and adults - although it was too hot for most of the adults to participate. Good thing there were lots of canopies and shade trees to sit under. There was also a "bouncy castle" which the kids l-o-v-e-d!! The company really seemed to work hard to make it a good family style picnic.

There was also a clown. H was not too sure about him, but B was very intrigued. You see, this clown was doing amazing things with balloons. Here is one example:
B-man stood in line so patiently! He was so interested in what the clown was doing. You can see one of the yellow twirly balloons popped on the way home so it looks a little different than when he first got it, but it is still exciting.

There was fun had by all (especially for a picnic for work!) but it was awfully hot. I'm sure we would go again next year if they decided to do it again.

We also had stopped at the Mount Vernon Ace Hardware to get our old pressure canner checked and it was A-OK. Guess we better get some more canning done now!

Oh, and check out that new shirt of the B-mans. Perfect - no wear at all. Nothing missing, nothing broken. No threads, crisp. A tad big at a boys size 5, but still perfect.
Island Thrift: $2.00.

I love that place.

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