Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Grocery Tote Bags

I did it!

I used the old tote bags for my groceries last night. It was great - so much less to carry into the house! And I only came home with 2 plastic bags. I had only brought 4 of my 5 tote bags into the store, so would have ended up with no plastic if I brought them all in. Also, they stopped filling one because they said it would be too heavy for me to carry if they put any more in. . . ...What, is it like I'm big pregnant or something?? ;-)

I will say they were quite a bit too bulky. They took up all of the cart nearest me - where baby usually sits. I can see how being able to fold them up into nice flat little pouches would be better. Also, to have them all look the same (same type of material, sizes, etc.) would be nicer, but hey, this is what I had!! The baggers/checkers didn't balk at all. I just put the bags on the conveyor before my groceries and they seemed to know what to do. At the first store where I only got a few things, I brought the biggest bag in and the checker said, "Gee, I could get the whole store in here!"

So anyway, the grocery tote bag experience was a positive one, I will be repeating it. I was headed out the door and told D I was bringing the tote bags for the groceries (as we hadn't talked about my "big plan" and I felt a little silly with all those bags on my shoulder) and he said "I'm really glad you're doing that!"

Poor people at the store, now they have to deal with all my coupons, rain checks, price changes... and personal tote bags.


Angel said...

I found these this week:

I had the picture one as my purse for the last 2 years and I bought the floral one this week. I knwo you said you were going to make your own.

Did you know Saars pays you for bringing your own bags? The co-op in Mt Vernon used to but now they give you tokens to donate to a charity of your choice instead.

When I was on bed rest Amy was my personal shopper and provided me with a ton of reusable bags! So we have TONS now! She is such a sweetie!

JJJ said...

wow, great special price on those bags this week! and who really knows if I'll ever get to making them or not. :-) When I was at Albertsons last night I saw they were selling bags also, but they seemed a little small? I didn't check the price.

I've never shopped at the Co-op in Mt. Vernon. We hardly ever go off the island, especially to shop. I'll have to look it up, sounds interesting.