Tuesday, August 26, 2008

About the "Green" Stuff

OK, so are you wondering about the sudden amount of "Green" postings? I just want everyone to know that I am not a strict environmentalist. (I don't have enough time for that!) :-) I still have lots of plastic bags in my house that I use and throw away and I am OK with that. I still use my clothes dryer even when it is 70+ degrees outside, but not as much. I have not gotten rid of the chemicals I use to clean my house. I still use some commercial weed killer outside.

I am just trying to make some better choices, where I can, to "help out". Some things just take too much time for me right now... like washing out and reusing Ziploc type baggies. I am all for switching to cloth napkins, just haven't gotten that far yet. We do use plastic containers in Big D's lunch box instead of baggies and take coffee in reusable travel mugs instead of buying it out... though that may just be a budget thing! And Bid D is using natural ingredients for garden fertilizer in the garden instead of commercial mixes. (That and the horse p**p is amazing!)

So I'm not going to frown on you if you don't hang your clothes out, etc. I am just starting to make some different choices here that are affecting our lives and hopefully our children's lives and I want to share with you. My life has been going so quickly (since having kids) that I haven't really thought too much about the chemicals we use and how to make them have less of an impact, but I see lots of bloggers talking about making their own cleaning supplies/shampoos, etc.. (Of course I am aware of what I use around the kids/babies at home, just haven't gone homemade or organic on anything yet.)

Anyway, grocery shopping tonight for the first time bringing my old tote bags. I wonder what the baggers will do with them? Do I just throw them on the counter when I head up there? Do I put them on the conveyor belt before my groceries? Do I tell them to "cram it all in there" because they will hold so much more than the plastic? Do they know that? I will let you know how it goes.

I am off with my GroceryGame lists again tonight. I have really been able to snag some great deals using this system. It is a bit of a budget planning nightmare, but having those 10 boxes of 70% off granola bars in the pantry now (since I would have bought them in the future anyway - probably at full price) was a great purchase!! Go ahead and try the $1 trial membership for 4 weeks and see what you think. My only caution is to watch the price difference between the sale items and the generic brands. We use a lot of generic, but the list still beats it quite a bit of the time, especially combining with coupons.

OK, would love to "talk" some more, but we are off to the library this morning. Would love your comments... :-)

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Our growing family said...

This is wonderful! I feel like I'm in the same boat as you...just one little healthy change at a time!
Hope you enjoy grocery shopping!!