Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Time to Celebrate

Sing with me,

Happy Birthday to Me!
I turned Thirty-Three.
My glucose tested high,
So no cake for me!

Actually, just borderline @ 137 - my doc's cutoff is 140, so I'm "OK", don't have to go take the 3-hour glucose test at this point. Just have to watch the diet a little better. You know, not having ice cream every night would probably be a good idea.

Anyway, just a regular day here today. Got a cute card from D and the kids, as well as some beautiful wind chimes I have wanted for like a long time... D said "I was thinking 10 years was a long enough wait." (Thank you Honey!) Going to swimming lessons this morning. Then setting up the kiddie pool for the expected warm (OK, hot!) afternoon. Lots of sunscreen required. Then D is bringing me my favorite burrito from Taco Del Mar for dinner tonight - special birthday treat!!

I hope you enjoy your day as well!

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Our growing family said...

Loved the song! that is too cute!
Hope you have a wonderful day!