Monday, September 29, 2008

Curtailed Activity

: to make less by or as if by cutting off or away some part
: to cut short; cut off a part of; abridge; reduce; diminish
: to cut short or reduce

caution: pregnancy related post/small rant

Well, it has happened. I have been instructed by my doctor to "curtail activities" or he will have to hang me by my feet to "keep the baby in."

All because in the big ultrasound I just had to check on the baby's kidney collection system (which, praise God turned out A-OK) they took 89 pictures of my "shortening cervix." I understand that means it is starting to "thin out" or "efface" and I am only at 35 weeks. (31 days by that ticker up there!!)

My question is, who's to say this doesn't always happen this early with my pregnancies? Isn't everyone different in how labor progresses? I have always dilated early and with my #2 I was walking around so dilated (I can't remember how much now... was it a 4, 5 or 6??) the doc wouldn't let me go home from my appt but straight across the street to the hospital where after breaking my water (and getting my favorite epidural...) the B-man was born 4 hours later with the cord wrapped twice around his neck.

Thing is, this doctor (love him, but...) is quite a bit hands off and won't "go in there" to check things out for fear of stirring anything up - like labor. This is one thing I really like to know about... not that it would change anything if I was 1cm or anything, but just that it is interesting for me to think about where I am at and how long it might be. I know they don't want you to get excited that just because you are starting to dilate that you will be in labor soon, but I would be interested in knowing how seriously I need to take this "curtailed activity" warning. I mean really - is it no walking around WalMart for an hour or no 50 lb. laundry baskets? No standing to make dinner for an hour or no holding li'l D and walking to the mailbox? I understand it isn't bed rest thank God!

I have another appt this Thursday, but I'm not sure why if he isn't going to "check" on anything "in there." He had told me before I could go another two weeks before an appt, but now "in light of the situation" I am on an every week schedule - do you know how trying that will be for Big D to take time off work, or to find a sitter for these 3 kiddos every week?? That might be just enough stress to send me into labor right there! :-)

Well, another two weeks anyway and they won't try to stop it or have to send me to Seattle. It can just go as it goes. I think I'll sign up for an exercise class that starts then... that should get the ball rolling! (just kidding) But I may start normal activities again. (And get my Mom over here pronto just in case!!) :-)

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