Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fabrics and Gardens... really??

This is post number 100 and I am feeling reflective. I would guess readers might check out this blog (those that don't already know me) because of their similar interests in "fabrics" and/or "gardens" and I am thinking that once they get here, they are probably thinking... "What? Did I click the right link? Is this girl crazy? What does she mean 'fabrics and gardens'??"

So, I will give you a quick update on my thoughts on the matter. (I already had one post about this early on in this blogs history if you would like to check it out.) I still would love to post about these things, and as time permits - and memory holds - I will. But I think that the words I have used for the title also are developing a new meaning for me.

Funny that what I mostly post about is involving the fabric of my life. (Kind of sounds like a soap opera. -wait, maybe that is fitting?) The actual day to day things that hold me together... or tear me apart as it were some days!! How each post is woven from the last, how each day is connected to the next is usually a mystery, but thankfully God knows all the plans he has for us and we will see how all of this craziness connects some day. I am actually glad I don't know how it works out now... it means I still have time to try and do better! What if we knew the end from the beginning as He does - would we even attempt to do anything different, better? Would we rejoice on how things turned out? Would we sob at our defeat? I'm glad I still have time to work with this fabric of life and can keep trying to get it to its best shape possible.

This brings me to our garden. The new and literally developing meaning for this word now seems to be the garden of children we are growing here in this house. Seeing them grow and develop and waiting for the newest "seedling" to emerge within the month is really like tending a garden. Hopefully giving them what they need to be successful in their lives, feeding them, showing them The Light, trying to give them extra boosts to help them along the way, protecting them from danger, possibly pruning as necessary.

So, yes, I guess my title might still fit here.
Even if it might not be what is to be expected of this blog.
One day it may be - you know, when I am an empty-nester!! ;-)
But until then, it will be a mix of the definitions
just get used to it!!

ps- Eventually I will post the many pictures I have of the real garden and flower beds we have been working on, but I am having enough trouble just getting kids to and from school each day without forgetting to set the timer during my nap to go get them! Hopefully the baby will come soon (well, as soon as possible for good health please) and our house will get back on track!!

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