Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Garage sale "find"

OK, so we are crazy.
(Oh, yeah, you already new that!)
Or maybe, it is my husband that is crazy.
He might actually agree to that statement
after unloading the full truck last night
from our garage sale find.
Shall I show you?

Can you tell what is in there?

Did I mention it was full?

Do you give up?

Canning jars.


and Lots,

of canning jars.

Did I mention that the truck was full?

Of lots

and lots

of canning jars??

Have I mentioned that we like to can?

Have I also mentioned that we have 3+ kids and not a lot of time?


Oh, maybe in a couple years we will have time to fill this many jars.

I'm afraid they will be on Craigslist in a year...

Did you get that the truck was FULL?????

...but it was the deal of the century!

1 comment:

Michele said...

Oh, wow. I need those. What an incredible find! :)

Michele :)