Friday, September 5, 2008

Wow, can it be?

Wow, can it be Friday already??

School started for H and B this week; Thursday for H and today for B.

It is going to be crazy figuring out this Kindergarten (everyday) and preschool (M-W-F) schedule, especially with the Kinders having "early release" every Monday - which for us being PM means going in early and getting released early.

It is unusual for our family to be going in the afternoons since we have always been morning people - forced by kids getting up so early every morning!! Figuring out what to have the kids do for the first half of the day - waiting for school to come - will be the hard part. I've already heard "I'm bored." I thought they only said that in summer when there wasn't much going on??!

Not to mention getting this all figured out now, only to have our home "schedule" be changed by having new baby in a month and a half!!

So, we are on our way with school now. Next week is the first full week and that will help the routines settle in. I'll post when I know what I'm doing!! :-)

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