Friday, October 31, 2008


still going...

The doc. "can't believe it is still hanging in there."
(...uh, ...yah, me neither!!)

But anyway, here I am.



He said I have a really strong cervix. (Must come from my grandmas who had 6 kids and 8 kids.)

Thought we might be going last night again, but the contractions stopped. Of course. So far only two very early today, nothing this afternoon.

If I make it 'till Monday I'm supposed to call for an appt. to go in on Tuesday and "be induced." Which at this point, because the baby is so far down (and since it is #4, body knows what to do...), they will just break my water and "things" should go from there... Could do it on Monday, but Tuesday instead because that's Big D's birthday. (Also, US election day... can't wait to watch election results in the hospital...hmmm)

Will try to keep you updated. It's a little embarassing that it is s t i l l g o i n g however.

Anyway, still hoping for today. Or tonight. Or tomorrow. Or anytime sooner than later!


angel said...

Birthday babies are fun. My husband always wanted one on his birthday! We ended up with one on mine, one 2 weeks before his (my due date was actually his b-day) and one a month after.

Annie said...

Hi JJJ, and here I thought maybe your new one had arrived! Won't be long now and you'll be holding your new babe in your arms :)


The Pierce Family said...

You can do it Jenny:) The baby will come when he/she wants to be born- I know that sounds dumb and I hated when people said that to me, but it is true. He/She knows when to come out and they are just not quite ready yet!
Thank you so much for calling me the other night- it meant a lot to me. Abby is still struggling, but I have kept with my plan and she has put herself back to sleep 2 nights in a row after crying for an hour:( Yesterday she took 2 naps for 2 hours each- I thought I was in heaven- She has never done that in her entire 5 months of life! Today on the other hand... she took one nap of an hour and cried for the second one:( Every day is a new adventure!