Monday, October 13, 2008

"Un-Exciting" Update #3

Well, still cooking the bun in the oven here.

Some "evidence" has shown itself that things are progressing, and a couple more contractions today. Nothing serious. Still some energy. Baked cookies again for the second day in a row.

I am hoping for labor this week since my doc. is the one that is on call through Sunday. It would be nice if he could deliver one of the two pregnancies he has seen me through. Grammy is coming up again on Wednesday to help out at the house and in case of middle of the night labor.

Big D won't let me go grocery shopping at night by myself for the last two weeks. "Just in case." (Funny how differently two people shop for stuff! I didn't even know that brown sugar also came in boxes.)


Our growing family said...

hope you are doing well and hanging in there! I'll pray for you!

Heather Christine said...

LOVED the 'shopping differently' comment! Yep, brown surgar in a box, who knew!

Keep Thursday the 16th in mind for delivery day (still sister Carrie's bday!)