Monday, November 24, 2008

Bloggy Etiquette?

So, where exactly are the blog etiquette rules posted?
I need to brush up on those.

Two reasons:

1) I actually met someone whose blog I read, and who sometimes reads mine (I know that because she comments - why don't some of you others comment???!), and I was such a big dummy! Instead of saying hello and introducing myself like a normal human being, I was like "Oh, are you insert blog name here? Hi! I'm fabricgarden! Your daughter looked so familiar to me from the pictures on your blog." (She has amazing blue eyes in the pictures and in real life.) I'm such a nerd! Why couldn't I just say "Hi, I'm Jenny, I think I read your blog, are you insert name here? Wow, nice to finally meet you." (We live in the same town.) So anyway, if you are reading this, "Hi! Nice to finally meet you the other day!" I try really hard not to be a nerd, but sometimes it just comes out... especially with the lingering effects of "pregnant brain" and forced insomnia of newborn-itis.

and 2) I do have some updates to post about Mighty Mouse but time has been escaping me...I don't know where it goes. I know you all deserve an update and are hanging on pins and needles until I post something - checking in every day, every hour, lingering in case a post magically appears while you are on the site...
You're not doing that?
It's just my imagination?
Oh, right.
So, anyway, it has been a while since a post and I had been posting fairly regularly with hospital updates and now here you have been in the dark for over a week now.
Maybe you can expect a post once a week or so and if there are more you can feel blessed or something? So I guess I better get on with posting the updates!


Angel said...

I am such a deer in headlights too when it comes to unexpected things. I try to be so welcoming and hospitable, but I've had people from my blog stop me at the farmers market too and I just stand there in shock and am anything but friendly!
I'd love to sit and chat with you some time when we both aren't caught off guard! You know where I live now :)

MadTinkerer said...

Welcome to the global community! :)
Melissa and I do hang on pins and needles, waiting for your next bit of news!