Monday, November 17, 2008

For Comparison

Can you tell who is who?
(These are all around 2 weeks old, give or take a day or so.)


Melissa said...

I say those are quadruplets!!! I can't believe how much they look so alike! Ok, here's our guess, at the risk of being a bad auntie and uncle!
1. David
2. Helen
3. Benny
4. Michael

The Pierce Family said...

Can't tell at all!
I can't believe Michael is 3 weeks old already! I hope the meds start working better soon! My Aunt Alison called last night and should be calling you soon. She is going to Forks on Tuesday and wants to stop by your place first- just let her know if this works or not!

JJJ @ said...

OK, I cheated and just did them in age order... 1)Helen, 2)Ben, 3)David, 4)Michael -didn't you see the pink on H's sleeper?? :-)